Welcome to Amery, Wisconsin and get ready for your ag-adventure.

Amery is the city center for an exciting community of farms and agriculturally-anchored places to relax, eat, learn, tour and stay.  The city also hosts a Farmers Market twice a week June through October.

Just short distances from downtown Amery, you’ll find:

· Just-roasted, fair trade coffee from Central American small family farms

· Hay rides and on-farm music

· Events barns for weddings & other life celebrations

· Farm-to-table restaurants

· Cooking and baking classes

· Farmer’s markets

· Brew-pubs

· Goat, sheep, pig, and beef farms

· Fresh cheeses at a local, licensed farmstead-creameries

· Farm stays, including B&Bs and camping

· You-Pick apple orchards and berry farms

· Farms featuring biking and hiking trails

There is lots to enjoy for every age and capability! We invite you to stay for an afternoon, weekend, or entire season.

And while you’re here, it’ll be easy to tap into Amery’s many other recreational, business, shopping, and cultural places and spaces.

We look forward to welcoming you, and we hope you’ll visit again and again.