Rustic Roads

Rustic Roads comprise a system of scenic roads across the state which posses certain "rustic" qualities. The Rustic Roads System was created by the State Legislature in 1973 to, "preserve what remains of Wisconsin's scenic, lightly traveled country roads for the leisurely enjoyment of bikers, hikers and motorists."

Rustic Roads are identified by yellow- and white-on-brown "Rustic Road" signs. Also included below each Rustic Road sign is an identifying designation consisting of 1 to 3 numerals and prefixed with the letter "R," (ie. "R 67") so as to differentiate the roads from state trunk highways, according to Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT).

Rustic Road Marker

Also, the maximum speed limit on any Rustic Road has been set, by law, at 45 mph. WisDOT also notes that "a speed limit as low as 25 mph may be established by the local governing body."


According to WisDOT, a Rustic Road needs to posses the following qualities:

  • Should have outstanding natural features along its borders such as rugged terrain, native vegetation, native wildlife, or include open areas with agricultural vistas which singly or in combination set this road apart from other roads
  • Should be a lightly traveled local access road, 1 which serves the adjacent property owners and those wishing to travel by auto, bicycle, or hiking for purposes of recreational enjoyment of its rustic features
  • Should be 1 not scheduled nor anticipated for major improvements which would change its rustic characteristics
  • Should have, preferably, a minimum length of 2 miles and, where feasible, should provide a closure or loop, or connect to major highways at both ends of the route

As a future enhancement to this website, pages dedicated to the Rustic Road System are being planned. Please consult WisDOT's own Rustic Roads website, which this information has been provided from.


  • Rustic Road 28 - Mains Crossing (old Highway 8). Passing by Apple River Park and across the scenic Apple River, this route offers pleasant views of deciduous forests and open farmland. Located along the route are 3 small churches, 2 cemeteries and the Apple River Town Hall.
  • Rustic Road 41 - Clara Lake Road between County E and County G. This road wanders past scenic woodlands and farmlands. Clara Lake Road passes the Hunkey Dory Resort, built in 1902 and still in operation. A canopy of trees shades the gravel portion of this beautiful road.