Amery Lakes APM 2014

Amery Lakes Aquatic Plant Management Plan
The aquatic plant management plan (PDF) is for Pike, North Twin and South Twin Lakes of Polk County, Wisconsin. The plan was finalized in May 2014 and is sponsored by Amery Lakes Protection and Rehabilitation District.

The plan presents a strategy for managing aquatic plants by:
  1. Alleviating nuisance conditions
  2. Controlling and preventing establishment of invasive species
  3. Protecting native plant populations
The plan includes data about the plant community, watershed, and water quality of Amery Lakes. Based on this, data and public input, goals and strategies for the sound management of aquatic plants are presented. This plan will guide the Amery Lakes Protection and Rehabilitation District (Amery Lakes District) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) in aquatic plant management for Amery Lakes over the next 5 years from 2014 through 2018).