Clean Lakes Program

The Amery Clean Lakes Program is working to keep our lakes as the centerpieces of our community.

Aquatic Plant Management Plan


Amery Aquatic Plant Management Plan 2023 Public Review Draft


  • Developing practices to clean runoff water before it enters a lake
  • Examining the sources of pollution to the lakes
  • Helping property owners understand how they can help
  • Updating city ordinances to protect water quality

We can all help to keep the water in and around Amery clean.

Do Your Part

Here’s what you can do:

  • Aim grass clippings away from streets, driveways, and sidewalks when mowing
  • Clean up after pets
  • Collect or spread water flow from rain gutter downspouts; don’t discharge to paved areas 
  • Don’t dump anything in the storm sewers; they drain directly to city lakes and the Apple River
  • Don’t use fertilizers containing phosphorus
  • Minimize paved areas, which don’t allow water to soak in, or use porous paving materials
  • Minimize the use of pesticides
  • Sweep or blow driveways and sidewalks clean regularly (but not into the street!)
  • Vegetate bare spots in your yard
  • Wash your car on the lawn instead of the driveway (to absorb wash water)

Site Analysis

Call or mail  the City of Amery at 104 Maple St W, Suite A to schedule your free on-site property analysis for stormwater management.