Clean Lakes Program

The Amery Clean Lakes Program is working to keep our lakes as the centerpieces of our community.


  • Developing practices to clean runoff water before it enters a lake
  • Examining the sources of pollution to the lakes
  • Helping property owners understand how they can help
  • Updating city ordinances to protect water quality

We can all help to keep the water in and around Amery clean.

Do Your Part

Here’s what you can do:

  • Aim grass clippings away from streets, driveways, and sidewalks when mowing
  • Clean up after pets
  • Collect or spread water flow from rain gutter downspouts; don’t discharge to paved areas 
  • Don’t dump anything in the storm sewers; they drain directly to city lakes and the Apple River
  • Don’t use fertilizers containing phosphorus
  • Minimize paved areas, which don’t allow water to soak in, or use porous paving materials
  • Minimize the use of pesticides
  • Sweep or blow driveways and sidewalks clean regularly (but not into the street!)
  • Vegetate bare spots in your yard
  • Wash your car on the lawn instead of the driveway (to absorb wash water)

Site Analysis

Call or mail  the City of Amery at 104 Maple St W, Suite A to schedule your free on-site property analysis for stormwater management.